28 December 2014

Astro Quiz 2014-15 Concluded

The Astronomy Quiz 2014-15 Concluded in IISER Bhopal on 27 December 2014. The prize distribution ceremony was held on 28th December. First position was secured by Kartik Tiwari from Indore.

9 November 2014

Inauguration of Astronomy Club and Telescope at IISER Bhopal

Inauguration of Astronomy Club at IISER Bhopal. Their Telescope was also inaugurated and was used to observe the moon. The workings of a telescope were also explained to the students, followed by night sky watching. 

5 October 2014

Telescope assembly and study

Students assembled telescope and studied its internals to understand its working and calculate its parameters.

29 September 2014

Preliminary Result of Aryabhat Astronomy Quiz 2014-15 declared.

Dr. N Rathnashree, director of the Nehru Planetarium. Declaring the result of the Preliminary phase of Aryabhat Astronomy Quiz 2014. Hrithik Malhotra of Scindia School, Gwalior tops with 86%.

4 May 2014

CREST, Hoskote 2014 Visit

Meritorious Students from Kodaikanal and Kavalur Group at CREST, Hoskote. The students saw the making of the UVIT in the space lab. They made a presentation on Mars Oribiter ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission to the scientist present there. And they were also fortunate to see the Himalayan Chandra Telescope at Hanle, being controlled remotely.

2 May 2014

RRI Bangalore Visit 2014

Visit of Kodaikanal and Kavalur Group Students to RRI Bangalore on 2nd May 2014. The students visited various labs, interacted with scientists. They were also fortunate to watch the Mineralogy museum. 

7 April 2014

New 10 inch Telescope at Aryabhat!!

Mr. Avinash Chandra, Sr. DGM, BHEL inaugarating the new 10 inch telescope at the Seniors Club, BHEL

31 March 2014

Astronomy workshop at Mhow

A Solar Astronomy workshop and a night sky watching camp was organized at Military College of Telecommunications, Mhow.

27 March 2014

Learning Photography at Van Vihar

Students were taught the basics of photography before going to the trip to Van Vihar. They tried their hands on Photography and Ornithology during the trip. 

11 February 2014

Science Fair, Khurai

Aryabhat Foundation demonstrated the workings of a telescope at the Khurai Science Fair. People were shown the sunspots of the sun during the day. During the night, the planets and other interesting celestial objects were also shown.

3 February 2014

Telescope making workshop at IISER Bhopal

A telescope making workshop was organized at Singularity, the tech-fest of IISER Bhopal. More than 80 students participated and they produced 27 refractor telescopes. The students were first explained the workings and different types of telescopes.