1 October 2019

Preliminary Result Astro Quiz 2019-20 declared

Dr Pramod Galgali, Director of Nehru Planetarium Bengaluru declared the results of Aryabhat Foundation Astronomy Quiz 2019-20!

13 June 2019

ZSD in Bhopal

Zero Shadow Day was celebrated in Bhopal with activities and observations by Aryabhatians.

9 May 2019

ZSD in Obeidullaganj

Aryabhat was present in Obeidullaganj to observe the disappearance of shadow at noon time

24 April 2019

Erotesthenes Experiment with Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru

Aryabhatians calculated the circumference of the earth using the Erotesthenes experiment on 24th April in collaboration with Taralaya, Nehru Planetarium Bengaluru. Bengaluru has a zero shadow day on 24th. Students took shadow measurements to calculate the circumference of earth.

13 February 2019

Night Sky program in JNS Bhopal

Night Sky watching program organised in Jawaharlal Nehru school. Students and parents saw craters of moon, Mars, Hubble Space Telescope, International Space Station and lots of stars and constellations !

13 January 2019

Solar Astronomy at School of Excellence, Ujjain

Solar Astronomy at School of Excellence, Ujjain, with the help of Youth Hostel Association of India Ujjain Unit. Students learned how to safely observe the sun, what exactly goes on inside it. How to use projection method to see the surface of the Sun. #IAU100 #100HoursOfAstronomy #NOCIndia